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The past year has been a brilliant one. From travelling to Austin to cover SXSW as Clash's correspondent on the ground to publishing my first cover stories for So Young Magazine. I have also had the opportunity to interview a lot of really exciting and interesting acts, including The Last Dinner Party, Squid, Mary in the Junkyard and Willie J Healey. 

You can check out some of my highlights below, find more about me or my previous writings, or reach out to me here!

I am always looking for freelance opportunities so if you like my writing please get in touch :)

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Cover Story & Interview: Mary in the Jukyard

(Printed for Issue Forty Eight) - So Young

The Other Folk

(Printed for Issue Forty Eight) - So Young

Beyond The Olivia Rodrigo Backlash: Art in the Era of Hyper-Individuality

Clash 04-10-23

Female Future - Women Are Reclaiming And Reshaping Guitar Music

So Young 24-08-23 (Printed for Issue Forty Five)

Spiritual Cleansing: Jamila Woods Interviewed

Clash 18-12-23

On Returning: Squid And The Art Of The Second Album

Clash 15-06-23

Cover Story & Interview: The Last Dinner Party

(Printed for Issue Forty Four) - So Young

Inverting Inspiration: Kyoto Kyoto at Dalston's Café Oto

The Big Ship 08-04-23

 The Best Things Clash Saw At SXSW 2023 – Part One

Clash 16-03-23

Find more in the archive!

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